• Contract, Interim, Part-time CFO
  • Contract, Interim, Part-time Controller
  • Business Plan and Strategic Planning Consulting
  • Outside Investor and Auditor Relations and Support
  • General Accounting, Systems Evaluation
  • Effective and Efficient policies and procedure analysis and implementation 


As an executive, you are responsible for making decisions about your business daily. You need the right information and the right team to support you – and you don’t want it to consume your day!


You need someone to help oversee your business’s financial operations and steer your organization in the right direction financially even if it is part-time. We know how to create the processes and systems you need to run your business better.


If you work with us, we can help you streamline your operations and help you solve the problems you are tired of dealing with.

If you have any of these issues, contact us today to get the help you need.

  • Understanding how much you need to sell to get the profit you really want
  • Creating a compensation plan that really motivates your employees and is easy to calculate
  • Figuring out how to predict your cashflow and keep it steady
  • Ensuring your accounting process has the right controls in place to minimize your risk of employee theft 
  • Understanding your true labor costs
  • Knowing where you are wasting your money
  • Figuring out how much you can grow before you need to add more employees


Steer your organization in the right direction financially